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beYou Free Empowerment Coaching Session

A reflection on learnings from 2023, and setting new goals and intentions to fully beYou in 2024.

  • Online (Zoom)

Service Description

***PLEASE READ: I am currently traveling in West Europe Time Zone (WET +8 hours from California). I may need to reschedule with shorter notice due to time conflicts. Thank you for understanding.*** Hi, I'm Rachael Freedman, a holistic healer and guide on your journey to well-being, attunement and freedom. My mission is for you to realize your full potential and be your authentic self – to beYou. For over 12 years, I have supported people in healing their bodies, minds and spirits through trauma-informed yoga therapy, Ayurveda, holistic life coaching, ThetaHealing®, mindfulness, and spirituality. I'm passionate about helping people connect with their inner wisdom and live a more fulfilling life. I see you as a unique individual, and together we'll discover your innate abilities and the life you want to live, clearing away whatever is holding you back. In our work together, I'll take you through a personalized mind, body, and spirit journey that enables you to work through challenges from an empowered state and live from your truth to reach your full potential. I offer individual and group sessions that can be done from anywhere to best support your needs. I look forward to being a part of your journey.  What to expect in your session: ✦ Coaching is both an active and reflective process where the coach facilitates your personal and professional development exploring the best ways for you to achieve your goals, and live a fulfilling life. As your coach I will guide you through a customized mind, body and spirit approach that helps you work through challenges from an empowered state and leads you to be your authentic self. Preparation for your session: ✦ Reflect on 2023: Your learnings, challenges and gratitudes ✦ What are you letting go of from 2023 to create new space in your life for 2024? ✦ What are you calling in for 2024? Dream big! If you had all the resources in the world (including unlimited money) what would you do and who would you be? I look forward to exploring this an more with you in your session! Thank you for trusting me 🙏🏼

Cancellation Policy

I understand that life happens. I require 48 notice for individual sessions and 72 hour notice for group/corporate sessions. When a session is canceled after that timeframe there is no refund. I honor your time and trust you honor mine. Same Day Booking Policy: Appointments that are booked on the same day may require rescheduling or being moved to a different time. I appreciate your flexibility.

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