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Holistic Coaching ✦ Intuitive Healing ✦ Mindful Living

In Holistic Coaching sessions, the support you need through life transitions, making difficult decisions, achieving goals, improving relationships, and so much more. During an Intuitive Healing session we can work together to release whatever is holding you back from connecting to your true self and feel at ease.

Life can get overwhelming, and sometimes all we need is a little help to regain our focus. Through my Mindful Living offerings, we can organize all or part of your home, work together to get your life organized, or customize an organization package that is just right for you. Organizing brings me so much joy and excitement. Let’s get organized! 


Want to work out what empowerment means for you?

There are many ways to get the support you need. Each person is unique in what works for them. Together, we can find the right match for you and make a customized package. Let’s chat about what services will best empower you!

Gift Certificate

Need a gift? You can purchase a gift certificate for anything you see in these offerings or we can customize a gift you want to give.

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Group Empowerment Offerings

Empower your team, special event, or festival with customized workshops that I created for the occasion. Check out my Group Offerings and schedule your 15 minute consultation to discover new paths to empowerment! 

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