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My offerings include Yoga, Ayurveda, Empowerment, and Group Wellness

My mission is to help you realize your full potential, to be your authentic self, to beYou.


Whether you are looking for a yoga class, want to balance your health, need to organize your home, want support through a life transition, or want to bring wellness to the workplace or event, I am here to guide your journey. All offerings can be a one-off session, recurring, or customizable packages that best suit your needs.

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My Yoga classes are accessible to every-body, from beginners to advanced. I offer private and group sessions, as well as workplace and event classes catered to your needs.


With a background in Yoga Therapy, I always encourage my students to do what feels right for their body and provide modifications. You will leave my classes feeling rejuvenated, nurtured, and grounded. 

Personal Benefits

✦ Improve your overall flexibility, strength, and balance while also becoming more present and calm.

✦ Develop your body, mind, and soul connection to support your overall well-being.

✦ Improve sleep, increase your energy & mood, become more focused, improve heart health, and reduce pain. 



Ayurveda is the ancient medicine still practiced in India today. The main goal of Ayurveda is to bring yourself back into balance through diet, lifestyle and other health practices (including yoga), so that you can live a healthy life feeling your best. According to Ayurveda, everyone is unique and I can help you discover more about yourself with personalized sessions to achieve your health goals. Book an Ayurvedic Consultation with me and experience the advantages of a balanced lifestyle.

Personal Benefits

✦ Feel balanced and centered as you move through your daily life with a routine that nourishes you.


✦ Improve your digestion and diet by becoming more familiar with what foods best nourish your body.


✦ Learn more about your unique constitution (dosha) and ways to enhance your overall well-being.




It can be challenging to achieve life goals, stay organized, make decisions, or figure out what you need in order to heal. From personal experience, I learned the value of working through challenges with guidance. Through my Empowerment offerings I support you to discover how to live your best life, whether that’s with Mindful Living, Holistic Coaching, Intuitive Healing, or a combination, you will find the power to be your true self. 

Personal Benefits


Mindful Living helps you to get your life organized to bring you ease, balance, and joy into each day. Whether we work together to organize your home, a closet, prepare for a move, organize daily tasks and calendars, set goals, or create time for you to have fun, you will feel Empowered with each session to live the life you want.


Holistic Coaching addresses the interconnectedness of all things and in order to generate change, we need to become aware of all areas of life rather than focusing on singular matters. The outcome is empowering as you will reconnect to your purpose and find fulfillment in all areas of your life.  


✦ Through my Intuitive Healing sessions, you will be able to release whatever is holding you back and reconnect with yourself, finding your inner balance.


Group Offerings

I offer Yoga, Ayurveda, and Empowerment programs in the workplace and event settings online and in-person. Whether you're a company, planning a retreat, festival or special event, I enjoy helping you to find and create the right program that fits your needs. Providing wellness programs improves overall health and well-being, reduces stress, and builds community. My Corporate Wellness Offerings are accessible to everyone and are held in a supportive environment. 


Personal Benefits

✦ Workplace wellness programs increase productivity, enhance employee engagement, and improve communication. 


✦ Get the support needed to empower the people in your company or participating in your events. 


✦ Improve overall well-being physically, mentally, and emotionally through customizable programs that will enhance special events or fit busy schedules.


Consultation &
Empowered Plan

Let’s connect and figure out how I can guide you to live an empowered life in order to beYou.


You will leave our initial conversation empowered by aligning with your goals and intentions.

Empowered plan

Price Statement

My hourly rate varies upon services. I believe everyone deserves to have the support they need to live their best life. Please inquire about financial aid if you really need it. BIPOC discounts available, please inquire.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that life happens. I require 48 notice for individual sessions and 72 hour notice for group/corporate sessions. When a session is canceled after that timeframe there is no refund. I honor your time and trust you honor mine. 

Policy for Same Day Bookings

Appointments that are booked on the same day may require rescheduling or being moved to a different time. I appreciate your flexibility.

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