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Healthy Living

Create an Ayurvedic routine & lifestyle to achieve your wellness goals

  • Online (Zoom) or beYou Healing Space (in-person)

Service Description

Through the power of Ayurveda, I will work with you to create a routine and lifestyle that will move you towards your health goals. Ayurvedic consultation explores the alignment of inner and outer factors affecting your life balance. Over the month we work together, you will gain a deeper understanding about your digestive system (a key factor in your health), and learn ways to sustain your energy, with the goal of moving towards a state of equilibrium. Every person is unique; what works for one person won’t work for the other. This is the beauty of Ayurveda – getting customized and personalized attention to match your needs. Achieving your health goals won’t happen overnight. That is why we will take four sessions over the course of a month to fine tune and discover what works best for your body, mind, and soul. Recommendations can include yoga, meditation, pranayama (breath control practices), exercise, and dietary changes. PERSONAL BENEFITS: ✦ Learn what works best for your constitution (dosha) to stay balanced and beYou. ✦ Feel empowered by taking charge of your health goals. ✦ Connect more deeply to yourself and learn how Ayurveda can improve your life. WHAT TO EXPECT: ✦ You save $100 when booking this service! ✦ Session length: Four sessions in total - (1) 90 minute intake session and (3) 45 minute follow up sessions held on Zoom (sessions must be completed within a two month time frame) ✦ Fill out the Ayurvedic Health Intake Form. To be completed and turned in 48-hours prior to your session. (Note about the intake form: some questions might seem very personal. All the questions are there to help me get a clear picture of your current state to see where you are out of balance so we can work towards bringing you back to balance. Every question is related to topics that I have been trained to discuss.) ✦ Homework each week to support you in maintaining what you learn and creating a routine ✦ One-on-one guidance and being held accountable for taking action aligned with your personalized health goals ✦ Recommendations might include: herbs, oils, diet, yoga (asana/postures, meditation, pranayama/breathing exercises), practices and/or treatments, follow-up sessions ✦ We will book the three follow up sessions at the end of the initial intake

Cancellation Policy

I understand that life happens. I require 48 notice for individual sessions and 72 hour notice for group/corporate sessions. When a session is canceled after that timeframe there is no refund. I honor your time and trust you honor mine. Same Day Booking Policy: Appointments that are booked on the same day may require rescheduling or being moved to a different time. I appreciate your flexibility.

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